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Get into the Act

TCSII is intended for those with a passion for helping young adolescents thrive in the middle grades. This free Web-based portal is organized into 12 California Department of Education recommendations designed to ensure success and close the achievement gap for all of California’s middle grades students.

Debuting this month is TCSII Get into the Act II is a collection of high quality professional learning tools designed for curious educators, school teams, and district leaders. Built around engaging video presentations of prominent education experts, TCSII Get into the Act will elevate your professional learning efforts to a new level. Each Get into the Act professional learning tool features thought-provoking questions, a video presentation, guidance on using concepts learned, and an exploration of ways to make changes at your school

Kicking off the 2009 series will be Dr. Douglas Reeves exploring rigor in the classroom.

To find out more, visit HERE.