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Environmental Science

Environmental Science 7/8

Proud to be an Ocean Guardian School!


Ms. Hartigan's Environmental Science class made it into Volume 2 of the magazine of The National Marine Sanctuaries!


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EZGC Course Description: In this trimester elective students engage in caring for the health of our local San Leandro Bay Ecosystem. We learn about watersheds, our local San Leandro Bay Watershed, the Marine Sancutary System, our local Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, and how the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) acts as a guardian of the ocean. Not only does the ocean provide habitat for plants and animals, butt it also provides resources upon which humans depend. 


Students examine the human impact on the ocean and participate in a project to improve the health of our local San Leandro Bay Ecosystem. The communicate the project to the wider community with presentations, posters, and press articles. We present to the entire student body, and to group such as the School Site Council, the PTA and the School Board. Projects have included the CA Coastal Cleanup, litter analysis, and wetland restoration with native plants. Public speaking, project planning and advocacy are developed in the class as students work to become an "Ocean Guardians". This class is generously funded by a grand from NOAA.


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All about the Ocean Guardian Schools program

An Ocean Guardian School makes a commitment to the protection and conservation of its local watersheds, the world's ocean, and special ocean areas, like national marine sanctuaries. The school makes this commitment by proposing and then implementing a school- or community-based conservation project.

An Ocean Guardian School:

  • provides project(s) for students related to the conservation of local watersheds, the world's ocean, and/or special ocean areas, like national marine sanctuaries.
  • provides opportunities for students, teachers, parents and friends to participate in a range of environmental and sustainable activities.
  • provides learning programs and opportunities that reflect environmentally sustainable practices that enable all students to be environmentally active and committed "Ocean Guardians."
  • provides ways for classrooms to promote best environmental practices within local communities, while at the same time projecting a positive image of the school itself.

Click here to learn more about the program.

Ocean G

Lincoln Middle School reaches environmental milestone!

Click HERE to read this wonderful article about our school being an Ocean Guardian campus! 


Year 2 Ocean Guardian Recognition!

We have been recognized as an Ocean Guardian School for a second year! Click HERE for the official letter!

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