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  Janice Quan (510) 748-4018 ex: 18303 Mathematics Teacher/ Curriculum Specialist
  Christine Weidler (510) 748-4018 ex: 18204 Teacher
  Ben Garcia (510) 748-4018 ex: 18203 Teacher
  Veronika Huntsberry (510) 748-4018 ex: 18302 Teacher
  Jhosse Prado (510) 748-4018 ex: 18201 Teacher
  Janice Quan (510) 748-4018 ex: 18303 Mathematics Teacher/ Curriculum Specialist
  Christine Weidler (510) 748-4018 ex: 18204 Teacher

Math Department


6th Grade Math: Course 1

MZGH Course Description:  This yearlong course is the first of three pre-algebra courses with the overarching focus on ratio & proportional thinking.  After instruction in fractions, decimals and percentages.  Ratio and proportions are taught and expanded on using multiple models and methods.  Equation solving is developed and expanded.  The later part of the year involves the connection between algebra and geometry.  Area, surface area and volume are developed using formulas.



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7th Grade Math: Course 2

MPGH Course Description: This yearlong course is the second of three pre-algebra courses with the overarching focus on ratio & proportional thinking.  Math Course 2 is similar to Course 1, but focus is even deeper on building a solid understanding of pre-algebra skills.  



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8th Grade Math: Course 3 "Common Core Math 8"


MJGC Course Description:  This yearlong course is the third of three pre-algebra courses with the overarching focus on ratio & proportional thinking.  This class has elements of both Algebra and Geometry.  Students who are successful in this class are enrolled into Algebra in 9th grade, which is the grade level standard.   


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Parent Testimonial:  "I've been wanting to write and thank you.  XXX is aceing Algebra in 9th grade.  It is so exciting.  XXX says that Algebra is his favorite class so far this year.  He just texted me a photo of his latest test score - 48/50.  Thank you.  Math 8 works!

                                                             Parent of a former Math 8 Student

October 2015

Algebra 1


MDCH Course Description:  This yearlong high school level course covers the California State Standards for Algebra 1.  Students solve equations and inequalities with one and two variables.  Students learn how to graph linear and quadratic functions simplify and factor Polynomial expressions.  


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  • Mr. Prado


Algebra Placement Language


Algebra 1 is a fast paced, high school level course that demands a significant commitment of time and effort.  To be successful, a middle school student must have excellent math skills, the ability to think at a highly abstract level, and the ability to clearly communicate mathematical reasoning and concepts. They will also need the academic maturity to stay on top of a demanding workload and to be comfortable learning independently from a textbook.  If a student skips the standard grade level common core math courses, the student will not receive direct instruction in many important prerequisite skills and concepts.


In order for a student to qualify to take Algebra 1 as a 7th or 8th grader, students must demonstrate superior mathematical skills and abilities as assessed on a variety of measures.  The current placement matrix includes the student’s performance on:

the prior year math CAASPP, the state required test of previous years’ math content standards,

the two current year district benchmarks administered in November and February, focused on the current course content standards,

the MDTP: Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project, a state-wide common core aligned test that measures performance in key prerequisite concepts and skills,

the Short Answer Syntax and Mathematical Practice Standards placement test developed by the district to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their mathematical reasoning skills on a paper and pencil test.


Students who rank “standards exceeded” on the CAASPP, and score 90% or above on most of the assessments are automatically offered placement in Algebra 1. Students whose scores fall into the recommendation range on the placement matrix are considered after review of additional data, such as class grades, testing history, and teacher, administrator, and/or parent/guardian recommendations.


Once students are identified as eligible to take Algebra 1 at the middle school, parents must provide affirmative agreement for their student to register in this class by completing the opt-in form.  This placement matrix only looks at specific math performance.  Parents should also consider their student’s extracurricular commitments, academic performance in other subject areas, and maturity level when they make this decision, and families need to understand that this accelerated placement will require a student to take advanced math classes in high school to meet graduation and UC A-G requirement of a minimum of 3 years of high school math. Some of the advanced options are Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Statistics, and AP Statistics.


Please note that placement in the appropriate common core grade level math class is on track to meet the district graduation requirements and the more demanding A-G requirements for entry into the University of California system.



Students who transfer to AUSD from outside the district after the 3rd week of instruction must have Algebra 1 on transcript that reflects a Common Core State Standards course in order to be placed into an Algebra 1 class.