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6th Grade Core Locker

6th Grade CORE

Core Bulletin Board

6th Grade English/Language Arts

EZGA Course Description:  This yearlong class provides many opportunities for writing creativity and developing their critical thinking and expression.  Students work on developing and expressing point of view as they participate in collaborative learning, discussions, and undertaking a variety of research projects.  They  also learn to express their inner thoughts and ideas through a focus on reading, writing, reciting, and analyzing poetry which culminates in our annual Poetry Night and the creation of a 6th grade Poetry Anthology, a collection of original creative writing.  CORED with Reading and History classes.  


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6th Grade History/Social Studies

SZGA Course Description: In this yearlong course Ancient World History class students will explore the beginnings of civilization; starting with prehistoric people and moving on through the ancient worlds of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, China, India, Greece and Rome. History comes alive with hands on activities and multiple art projects. CORED with ELA & Reading classes. 


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6th Grade Reading/Literature

 ERGA Course Description:Students spend time exploring literature and information texts. Student develop critical thinking skills by drawinig inferences that can be supported using textual evidence. Text are analized from both an author's and a reader's point of view. 


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