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Contact Donavon Brown  Donavon Brown (510) 748-4018 ex: 1506 Campus Supervisor
Contact Joan Hulihan  Joan Hulihan (510) 748-4018 ex: 18751 Office Staff
Contact Jessica Mendez  Jessica Mendez (510) 748-4018 ex: 18764 Office Staff
Contact Cindy Zecher  Cindy Zecher (510) 748-4018 ex: 18755 Office Manager

Office Staff


Welcome to the Lincoln Middle School Office!

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your student.

We are here to help!

Currently Email is the best form of communication.


20-21 Attendance

Please note that when your student in absent from school, it is the parent/guardian responsibility to contact the school each day.  Absences that are not reported are considered unexcused after 48 hours.  For technical or internet issues please email to let us know so attendance is marked accordingly.  Please include the student's name, class, period, teacher, and tech issue.  If your student was marked absent in any class by mistake, the parent needs to contact the teacher.  

For medical/dental appointments a doctor's note must be provided.  Please attach any doctor's notes to the email.  

Email for all absences.  Since we are working remotely, email is the best form of communication.