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Contact Donavon Brown  Donavon Brown (510) 748-4018 ex: 1506 Campus Supervisor
Contact Joan Hulihan  Joan Hulihan (510) 748-4018 ex: 1010 Office Staff
Contact Julie Kemp  Julie Kemp (510) 748-4018 ex: 1000 Office Assistant
Contact Jessica Mendez  Jessica Mendez Staff
Contact Cindy Zecher  Cindy Zecher (510) 748-4018 ex: 1004 Office Manager

Office Staff


Welcome to the Lincoln Middle School Office!

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your student.

We are here to help!

The "J" Squad

Locker Problems??

Having trouble with your locker?

You can come into the office and see Mrs. Mendez

She will be able to help you or you can email her at

Please include your name, grade, locker number

and what your problem is.