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Leanne Chan speaking at the Oakland Museum
Dia de los Muertos activities.

Dia de los Muertos

We contributed our art to the Day of the Dead celebration at the Oakland Museum of California this fall.  If you are interested click on the link: and find out all about it.


Stephen Ramos

Dear Parents,


I have received a number of posts inquiring about progress reports that were sent to you regarding your child's grade in my class.  First, this is a warning not a final grade.  I sent this warning because I have been burned by students in the past who, while they are intelligent and capable students, failed to submit assignments.  I am unable to give a passing grade if I have no work turned in on which to base that grade.  As the AUSD requires notification for any student who may receive a grade of "C-" or lower I must send progress reports.  If you have received a progress report for your child be apprised that this is because I did not receive an assignment from her or him.


Yes, a single assignment; a single paragraph.  I assigned a paragraph on 16 September, establishing a due date of 23 September.  I requested that all students write the details of this assignment in their agendas.  At the same time, I posted the assignment on School Loop.  We worked on the assignment during the class period of 16 September.  On 22 September I reminded all members of all classes that this assignment was due the following day.  Some of the students submitted their work, others did not.  In some cases, those who missed the submission date had yet to submit their assignments days after the deadline had passed. 


I hope this clarifies this situation and the nature of progress reports as I understand and work with them.  A progress report warning of an "F" may be sent to a student who will, at the end of the trimester, earn an "A" of a "B".  However, missing work will be scored as a 0 (zero) and that will jeopardize any good work and high grade he or she might earn.


Stephen Ramos

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