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An alternative moose
An alternative moose

Christine Weidler

Dec. 4 Mtg to Consider High School COnsolidation & Alternatives

Below is a link to the agenda for a meeting that will be held next Tuesday, at 6:30 pm at Island High School (500 Pacific). It will be a special meeting of the High School Consolidation/Alternatives Committee to present their research and direction to date. The agenda includes attachments that you may want to read through, even if you are unable to attend the meeting.


December 4, 2018 Committee to Consider High School Consolidation and Alternative Scenarios Agenda

A Bit About Me

Welcome to my website.

The 2018-2019 school year will be my thirteenth year at LMS as a staff member. Prior to working at Lincoln, I taught in the 6-8 Academy at Paden. This is actually my second time as an LMS lion; I attended LMS as a student, although we were in a different building at the time (our current campus was in the planning and construction stage). I will be teaching three Math 8 classes and two Geometry class.


Math 8 is the grade level course for 8th graders. More than half of the year is spent working with algebra concepts formerly covered in Algebra 1. Then we do a chapter on data analysis, and the remainder of the year is spent on geometry concepts including Transformations.  There will be special projects and activities to make the concepts easier to understand and learn. 


In addition, I will be teaching the Geometry class. Under the Common Core Standards, Geometry is much more than Platonic solids, angles, and proofs. We will be constructing geometric figures by hand and using dynamic software. In addition, we will look at the transformations that are at the core of most computer generated imagery and at the mathematics represented by geometric figures.


The class letters and syllabi are handed-out in class with copies placed in the Lockers on the web-pages for each course by the third day of school. Click on the course name in the box on the left to go to the course web-page (Math 8 or Geometry).


The Locker on the right contains an updated list of math-related websites. This is a starter list of mostly non-commercial sites. All of the commercial sites include free activities or information. Each listing includes a brief description of what the site offers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The Supplies List for the two classes is on the lower right and will be discussed in class and in the class letter.


Once the school year starts, if you need to contact me, you can use the envelop (email button) next to my name on the School Loop list of teachers. My school phone number is 748-4018 ext. 1204, but please realize that I do not answer the phone while teaching, since my focus is on the students and our classes. Overall, email is generally the most efficient method of contact (you can even ask me to call you) if you have email access.  



Links to Articles

Included among the resources that are listed and linked below in the Locker, are articles and websites that may be of interest to you. They provide information on learning (generally and math specific), young teens, and more. More will be added as the school year progresses.

An Alternative Longhorn
By Benini; along the highway west of Johnson City.

Supplies for Math 8 and Geometry

All students are expected to work the Warm Up problems and to take notes in a spiral notebook that is only for math. I suggest that students use notebooks with approximately 70-100 pages and use several of these over the course of the year. Students are expected to carry these notebooks back and forth between school and home everyday, so a larger notebook just means more to carry.

For homework, odd numbered answers are scored at home, but we also do scoring in class, so students need to bring a pen everyday (red, blue, or black). If using regular pencils, students should always carry a couple. If using a mechanical pencil, it is important to carry extra leads (but reload before class, if possible).

For Geometry I have a class set of textbooks, so you do not need to carry your math textbook back and forth. Since our textbooks do not include all of the California Common Core Standards, we will be using some supplemental materials. The Math 8 textbook is actually two consumables, one for the first half of the year and one for the second half. Math 8 students bring their current textbook back and forth between school and home everyday since we work examples in it and add notes, then students take it home since most of the homework assignments are on pages in the book.

Calculators are helpful and will be available in class, but there are lots of free online and app calculators available for work at home. So don't go out and buy a calculator at least until we have looked at the kind of work that we will be doing. Both courses will use protractors, and the geometry students will also use compasses for constructions done in class.

Students may want a folder, section of their binder, or a sleeve on their notebook, for transporting their homework. No other supplies are needed on a daily basis, though things like markers, glue-sticks, etc., may be used occasionally for projects.