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Marie Hsu


About Ms. Hsu:

In case you're interested... 

I'm originally from Los Angeles, the land of thick smog and abundant Chinese food. I went to college at UCSD (psychology and Chinese Studies major with lots of language and math classes for fun) before living and traveling in Spain and Mexico and teaching English for a year at Peking University in Beijing.  I have a master's in education from UC Berkeley with an emphasis in English Language Development, as I have special interest in diversity and equity. This is my tenth year at Lincoln before which I taught a fifth grade Spanish bilingual class in San Leandro.  I cycle, travel, make ceramics and jewelry and find humor in many things.  Nowadays, I spend most of my non-teaching time with my kiddos, Avi (age 5) and Jackie "Jojo" (age 2).  I am thrilled to be focusing on teaching math and feel lucky to be a part of your lives.  


Class Guidelines:

• Homework needs to be completed EVERY night!

• The goal is to understand and really know the material ... don't just go through the motions. Remember ... Knowledge is Power

• Use the notes, examples, and you try problems done in class. These are the best resources to assist with homework.

• Stay focused.

• Work in a quiet, well lit area without distractions.

• Homework study groups and/or study buddies are great ways to help students to learn.

• The best way to study for a test or quiz is to practice, practice, practice ... work or re-work a variety of problems from relevant assignments. Look over your notes and examples from class.

• Can't figure it out? Check with a study buddy.

• Still can't figure it out? Ask to go over the problem in class or see me for help during class.

The best / fastest way to get through to me is by email:

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