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Nitro Type

Free Online Typing Games

Media Center Resources

Media Center

Welcome to the LMS Media Center. Here students have a wide selection of academic resources for all levels of subjects. Students also have access to computers for working on assignments and doing research.

Weekly study hall is held here 3 time a day. Students must sign and have their student ID. 


Media Center Weekly Study Hall Schedule  

 AM 7:30-8:00                        PM 3:00-4:00,  
                                                 Wednesday 1:45-2:45
Mon - Leahy                           Barrett 
Tues -  Kesner                        Schafer 
Wed -  Kesner                        Classified 
Thurs - Kesner                       Hartigan 
Fri -  Leahy                             Baumgartner 

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Media Center

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