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Health Office

Welcome to Lincoln Middle School's Health Office.  On this page you will find valuable information for your student's health and         well-being while at Lincoln.  Please don't hesitate to contact Elizabeth Sabadlab our Health Clerk, if you have questions.

Be well!

Measles prevention

Attached is a letter to the community regarding the measles from the Director of Student Services, Kelly Lara.


If there is any case of the measles in Alameda that impacts schools, it will first be confirmed by the Alameda County Health Department They will investigate and determine what the next steps are.  They will notify AUSD and direct us if we are to exclude any unimmunized students from the specific school.  We are prepared with lists of all students who are unimmunized by school and by grade level should we need it.


Please remember, wash your hands, cover your cough and stay home when too ill to come to school.


Please click here for the attached letter. 



Division of Communicable Disease Control and Prevention: Measles


Facts about Lice & Nits

Lice facts:

  • Lice have been part of the human experience for probably millions of years.
  • Lice can not fly or jump, they can only crawl.Lice can not survive off a human head for more than 24-48 hours.
  • Lice do not carry or transmit diseases.
  • Newly hatched lice (nymphs) can not reproduce for 7 days.
  • Lice are species-specific, they do not live on animals other than humans.
  • Lice are not a result of poor hygiene.


What does this mean:

  1. It is extremely unlikely that we will be able to stop the spread of lice in our community.
  2. It requires close contact of longer than a few seconds for lice to be able to transfer to another head. This is the kind of contact that often happens during sleepovers or play dates when two kids are playing together for prolonged periods, not the kind of contact that frequently happens in schools.
  3. At the start of every school week there are no live lice present in the school.
  4. While they are definitely a nuisance they are not cause for concerns about infectious diseases.
  5. There is no need to treat your pets in any way.


Nit facts:

  • Nits take 5-10 days to hatch.
  • Nits can only hatch while attached to a human head.
  • Once a nit falls off a hair it can not re-attach to another head.
  • Nits are eggs and can not jump, fly, or crawl.
  • Nits found more than ¼ inch away from the scalp are empty egg casings.


What does this mean:

  1. Nit removal can help in the eradication of a lice problem, but killing live lice is paramount.
  2. Nit removal can help in preventing confusion regarding recurrence or continuation of a lice outbreak.
  3. Nits on carpets, chair covers, pillows, stuffed animals, etc. are effectively dead (if they aren’t already empty).

Notes for P.E.

If your child has to sit out of P.E. due to a health issue or injury, the student must provide a note from the doctor or the parent. Office Staff and Health Clerk cannot excuse a student from P.E. for any reason.