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What is the Beautification Committee?
The Beautification Committee's goal is to keep LMS clean and beautiful. Several times during the year we host a "Campus Clean-up Day" for just two hours on a Saturday morning. The goal is basic outside cleaning: pulling weeds; sweeping; etc.
Who are we?
The PTA, parents and students who work closely with Mr. Miro, Mr. Hans and Mr. Baker.
What do we do?
The first Campus Clean-up Day on October 19 brought out 25 students who worked hard and enjoyed donuts and bagels during a break. Students earn community service hours and actually have fun. 
Parent Volunteer Opportunities:
This year the two volunteers who co-chair this committee both parents of eighth graders and would love to welcome other volunteers who will be at LMS next year to keep the plans going. Please consider giving a hand, it doesn't take a lot of time, and much of the planning work is getting done this year. 
Upcoming Events:
On the parent volunteer side, we will be having a work day where more serious clearing out and tearing up will take place. The plans are more long-range to accomplish the goals set out this year and we are always looking for parents to help out. The campus has several courtyards that have overgrown their original design and now need to be cleared and re-planted. 
Also, Mr. Miro's Outdoor Development class (ODD) have been instrumental in much of the landscape work that has been accomplished on the campus.  In some sections, they have come to a point where parent volunteers would be a big help.


Susan Davis