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Staff Directory (via schoolloop)

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Contact Hend Abujawayed  Hend Abujawayed Staff
Contact Leslye Alexander  Leslye Alexander (510) 748-4018 ex: 1403 Teacher
Contact Steven Allen  Steven Allen (510) 748-4018 ex: 1902 Teacher
Contact Monica Anderson  Monica Anderson (510) 748-4018 ex: 1905 Paraprofessional
Contact Elain Anderson-Barrett  Elain Anderson-Barrett Staff
Contact Aimee Baker  Aimee Baker (510) 748-4018 ex: 1905 Teacher
Contact Kevin Baker  Kevin Baker (510) 748-4018 ex: 1002 Assistant Principal
Contact Rebecca Baumgartner  Rebecca Baumgartner (510) 748-4018 ex: 1120 Teacher
Contact Anna Bermudez  Anna Bermudez Staff
Contact Mackenzie Boyle  Mackenzie Boyle Associate
Contact Molly Bradley  Molly Bradley Staff
Contact Donavon Brown  Donavon Brown (510) 748-4018 ex: 1506 Campus Supervisor
Contact Gloria Ching  Gloria Ching Cafeteria
Contact Ruthann Cohn  Ruthann Cohn (510) 748-4018 ex: 1905 Paraprofessional
Contact Maria Darnell  Maria Darnell Staff
Contact Melodi Dewey  Melodi Dewey (510) 748-4018 ex: 1110 Psychologist
Contact Joslyn Olsen  Joslyn Olsen (510) 748-4018 ex: 1712 Teacher
Contact Anne Faria-Poynter, A  Anne Faria-Poynter, A Teacher
Contact Steven Fisher  Steven Fisher Head Custodian
Contact Amy Frary  Amy Frary (510) 748-4018 ex: 1923 Teacher
Contact Katie Freeman  Katie Freeman (510) 748-4018 ex: 1801 Paraprofessional
Contact Helen Gee  Helen Gee Cafeteria
Contact Myrna Graulich  Myrna Graulich (510) 748-4018 ex: 1003 Counselor
Contact Mary Greden, M  Mary Greden, M Teacher
Contact Richard Green, R  Richard Green, R Teacher
Contact Michael Hans, Principal  Michael Hans, Principal (510) 748-4018 ex: 1001 Principal
Contact Mr. Hansen  Mr. Hansen (510) 748-4018 ex: 1827 Teacher
Contact Jenny Hartigan  Jenny Hartigan (510) 748-4018 ex: 1711 Science Teacher
Contact Karen Hayes  Karen Hayes (510) 748-4018 ex: 1901 Teacher
Contact Peter Hill  Peter Hill (510) 748-4018 ex: 1826 Teacher
Contact Griffith Hodge  Griffith Hodge (510) 748-4018 ex: 1401 Teacher
Contact Stephanie Holeva  Stephanie Holeva (510) 748-4018 ex: 1905 Teacher
Contact Marie Hsu  Marie Hsu (510) 748-4018 ex: 1201 Teacher
Contact Joan Hulihan  Joan Hulihan (510) 748-4018 ex: 1010 Office Staff
Contact Tyra Ingram Cable  Tyra Ingram Cable (510) 748-4018 ex: 1604 Teacher
Contact Susan Jacoli  Susan Jacoli (510) 748-4018 ex: 1924 Teacher
Contact Ronald Johnson  Ronald Johnson (510) 748-4018 ex: 1713 Teacher
Contact Bora Jung  Bora Jung Teacher
Contact Stacy Kaplan  Stacy Kaplan Staff
Contact Stacy Kaplan  Stacy Kaplan Staff
Contact Julie Kemp  Julie Kemp (510) 748-4018 ex: 1000 Office Assistant
Contact Amy Kesner  Amy Kesner (510) 748-4018 ex: 1402 Teacher
Contact Tina Koeberl  Tina Koeberl (510) 748-4018 ex: 1925 Teacher
Contact Katrina Largusa  Katrina Largusa Associate
Contact Laura Leahy  Laura Leahy (510) 748-4018 ex: 1302 Teacher
Contact Angela Li, A  Angela Li, A Teacher
Contact Maria Madrid  Maria Madrid Staff
Contact Jessica Mendez  Jessica Mendez Staff
Contact Tom Miro  Tom Miro (510) 748-4018 ex: 1710 Teacher
Contact Jason Molina  Jason Molina Associate
Contact Sharmaine Moody  Sharmaine Moody (510) 748-4018 ex: 1805 Teacher
Contact Brenda Moretti  Brenda Moretti Teacher
Contact Peter Nguyen  Peter Nguyen Staff
Contact Susannah Oram  Susannah Oram Teacher
Contact Linda Paxton  Linda Paxton (510) 748-4018 ex: 1006 Health Office Assistant
Contact Michelle Poh  Michelle Poh (510) 748-4018 ex: 1708 Teacher
Contact Janice Quan  Janice Quan (510) 748-4018 ex: 1303 Mathematics Teacher/ Curriculum Specialist
Contact Alicia Ramirez  Alicia Ramirez (510) 748-4018 ex: 1801 Paraprofessional
Contact Denise Ramirez  Denise Ramirez (510) 748-4018 ex: 1008 Media Center
Contact Stephen Ramos  Stephen Ramos (510) 748-4018 ex: 1605 Teacher
Contact Beth Rudolf  Beth Rudolf (510) 748-4018 ex: 1801 Teacher
Contact Veronica Rylander  Veronica Rylander Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Sabadlab  Elizabeth Sabadlab Staff
Contact Benedicta Santos  Benedicta Santos (510) 748-4018 ex: 1901 Paraprofessional
Contact Charles Satterfield  Charles Satterfield Teacher
Contact Michael Schafer  Michael Schafer (510) 748-4018 ex: 1304 Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Scott, E  Elizabeth Scott, E Teacher
Contact Erin Seaman  Erin Seaman Associate
Contact Kathleen Servello  Kathleen Servello (510) 748-4018 ex: 1922 Teacher
Contact Raylene Sims  Raylene Sims (510) 748-4018 ex: 1612 Teacher
Contact Lydie Thomas  Lydie Thomas Associate
Contact Mitzi Thompson  Mitzi Thompson (510) 748-4018 ex: 1404 Teacher
Contact Marcelle Trzcinski, M  Marcelle Trzcinski, M Teacher
Contact Nilo Villanueva  Nilo Villanueva Staff
Contact Christine Weidler  Christine Weidler (510) 748-4018 ex: 1204 Teacher
Contact Cindy Zecher  Cindy Zecher (510) 748-4018 ex: 1004 Office Manager